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Friday, December 19, 2008

Prison Break - Season 4 Episode 16

The unlikely team was formed to track down Scylla: Lincoln, T-Bag, Gretchen & evil Self. I wonder how long this team would last.

Sara, who had been brought to a hotel was worrying sick about Scofield. Lincoln assured her everything was under control, and asked her to inform him if she heard anything about Scofield.

Gretchen traced down the Scylla buyer, Scott’s cellphone number that led them to Grafton, a club. Lincoln went over and got the blonde lady, Tia, who supposed to lure out the girl Scott was contacting; in the end, Tia escaped, obviously, Tia was in fact the lady Lincoln was supposed to be looking for.

Using Tia’s ID card, Self & T-Bag went for some ransacking at her apartment but found nothing. Self was about to challenge Lincoln’s ‘leadership’ while Alex came into the scene, and saved the dispute.

Scofield awoke in a house, somewhere in the woods; under the surveillance of the Company of course. And General sent Dr. Roger Knowlton, a psychiatrist, not only to persuade him into joining the Scylla project, but also, the news of his mom still well and alive. Scofield was having a hard time believing it, yet doubted that Knowlton was telling him the truth, after he showed him the family album.

Sara went for General, demanded to see Michael but failed. Later in the hotel, Sara received a text message, asking her to be at Grand St in 1 hour. While she was there, she was abducted, later to find out it was Lisa. She gave Sara the address where Scofield was at, just to save another innocent man from been tortured.

Sara called Lincoln and told him would go look for Scofield. Lincoln adviced her not to, just yet. T-Bag eavesdropped and called General, who later urged Knowlton to speed up the negotiation process (well, more like a brain-wash process to me) and gave Scofield the injections instead. Luckily, Scofield was clever enough to use the chemical reactions that caught the bad guys off guard.

Scofield managed to escape, while been chased after by General’s guards. Just in the nick of time, Sara came to his rescue and slammed the guard’s vehicle, threw them off the road.

Meanwhile, Lincoln and his new gang’s second lead was at the marina. Thinking Scott was about to smuggle Scylla out undetected, the new team surrounded the marina, detected a suspicious man, caught him in the end, only to found out he was having joints instead of Scylla. False alarm.

Gretchen found Scott, and secretly arranged a meeting with him and cut the deal: 10mil to Gretchen if she would direct the Company and the gang to look elsewhere.

Gretchen brought the gang to a false address. Scott and his men held everyone at gunpoint, suddenly Gretchen changed her mind and shot Scott and his men. Gretchen was wounded by Scott’s gun shot. Lincoln nearly finished her off, with Self encouraging him to; while T-Bag and Alex advicing him not to. Lincoln let Gretchen lived.

Back at the hotel, Lincoln answered Scott’s cellphone, telling the caller ‘your boy’s dead, and I’m coming after you’. Not knowing the caller was actually his own mother.

Does this look like the FINAL to you? No no.. I don't think so either. It's season finale alright, but it's FAR from over. Should I be happy? Or ...

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prison Break - Season 4 Episode 15

At the Company’s HQ, Lincoln made a deal with General - get Scylla in exchange of Michael's surgery. Sara asked Lincoln about Michael’s condition. Eventhough skeptical about the whole surgery, they had no other alternatives but to rely on General Krantz for Michael’s chance of survival.

Lincoln asked T-Bag about Self & Gretchen’s whereabouts. Upon losing some teeth due to Lincoln’s violent interrogation, T-Bag gave out “Arlington Pier, 3 o’clock”. Is somebody starting to feel sorry about this guy?

As for Michael, he was undergoing an advanced operation by the surgeons. They performed a rare, or should I say, an operation that was yet to be recognized in the medical field, to Sara’s amazement. Instead of gamma knife, they were using 2 long needles to be inserted slowly into Michael’s brain, while he was subconscious. Due to the oxygen cut-off to his brain, Michael experienced a so-called ‘life flashes before their eyes’ experience, normally occurred to dying patients:

Michael found himself back in the Foxriver cell, approached by Charles, a.k.a DB Cooper. From their conversations, and the flashbacks, it was clear that Michael was trying to figure out the whole matter regarding Scylla, his role in it and his guilt of causing a lot of lives during the process etc. It was more of a summarizing moment to solve the entire puzzle for Michael. In the end, he came up with the word BARGAIN, a clue that held the secret for Scylla, right before he awoke from his near-death surgery. Michael separated the characters into: B, Ar, Ga, In. Familiar? Time to check back your Chemistry books for these elements.

Self and Gretchen were still waiting for the buyer at Arlington Pier, until Gretchen got a call from Rita, telling her they were alright, and T-Bag was captured by the Company. They fled instantly for fear Company may now know where they were.

Lincoln and Sucre came in too late, found nothing but the smashed handphones on the floor. The buyer was seen somewhere near, on the phone, talking about spotting Lincoln and Sucre leaving the Pier and what he should do next?

Alex, Wheeler and Felicia were on a car ride, not exactly. Alex requested to go for the men’s room. Unwillingly, yet bounded by lawful codes, Wheeler had to let the ‘prisoner’ have his way, but Alex did get a warning from Wheeler: if he attempts to run, he’ll get a bullet from the back. Alex DID go to the men’s room, but took a souvenir (a broken pipe) with him.

Later on the road, he smashed the car window when he had the chance and ran off. Felicia caught on to him, although threatened to shoot him if he runs away, but she never did. Alex escaped!

General came to inspect on the surgery, and had a chat with Sara. Not a pleasant one, but he did give Sara an assurance, that the 1st patient who took this surgery, lived a long, happy life. Also, he told Sara, that, ‘Not everything is as it seems’. I wonder if the 1st patient (suspecting Michael’s mom, is still alive??)

Gretchen and Self got themselves a new cellphone from a store. Lincoln got the receipt from the storekeeper, and used the General’s ‘assets’ to trace them. How convenient. They found them, in a warehouse, right when they were about to make the exchange with the buyer. While checking Scylla on a special computer, Self noticed it was not really a black book after all.

Just then, Self and Gretchen were distracted by Sucre, which gave the buyer the chance to shot Self, and ran away with Scylla.

Michael woke up after the surgery, he was alright, thank God! He then figured out that Scylla was all about the future, not the past. It contained the information of how to combine the 4 chemical elements into the design of a solar cell that could harness 100% of the sun’s energy! It was all about the advanced technology that symbolized Power in near future. The Company was counting on it.

General was furious at Lincoln for letting Scylla slipped through his finger tips, again. He ordered Lincoln to work with Self, Gretchen and T-Bag to retrieve back the stolen Scylla. With Sucre leaving the team and moved on with his life, Lincoln had no choice but to agree.

Lincoln went to see Michael, told him about the deal. Michael disapproved him helping the Company, but Lincoln stuck to his plan anyway, for the sake of family and Michael’s safety.

~ sneak peak for Episode 15~

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prison Break - Season 4 Episode 14

The scene opened with Lincoln rounding the area for safety precautions. He discovered a suspicious vehicle parking nearby. Who might that be?

Sucre was seen working on a ‘black board’ (as from the sneak peak). Scofield called Self regarding the meeting arrangement. Surprisingly, Self was already on the roof top opposite the warehouse, firing aerosol bombs into the warehouse, forcing Scofield, Sara and Sucre to duck for cover. Luckily, Lincoln came for the rescue, gave Self a punch in the face (YAY!) and brought him in.

Self and Michael had a little chat, while Sucre sneaked out with the ‘black board’. Gretchen joined in the party, of course not without a weapon in her hand. Everyone was practically been held at gun point. Self tried to cut a deal with Scofield: sharing the profit while bringing down the Company. Scofield was not interested, however he said he’d like to meet the buyer, and then let both Self and Gretchen leave.

Alex went to see Felicia, hoping to find someone trustworthy in the Bureau who could handle the Scylla case. Later found out it was Wheeler that Felicia was referring to, who used to get a lot of shout-at’s by Alex back in the old days. Hmm…

T-Bag was guarding Gretchen’s sister, Rita and Emily at their home. T-Bag seemed pretty upset about losing his Cole Pfeiffer identity.

Sucre texted Michael, informing that ‘He’s in’, oh yes, in Self’s car trunk. At the same time, Self and Gretchen were monitoring Scofield and others’ movements via laptop. Along with the aerosol bomb earlier, Self had planted an ultrasound device that worked as a surveillance camera, now they could see what the gang is up to, but unable to hear them.

Self and Gretchen got out of the car, retrieved something from the car trunk, without knowing Sucre was hiding behind the ‘blackboard’. Later, Sucre got out from the trunk and found out they were staying in Fauntleroy Hotel. Sucre did not forget to take some souvenirs (aerosol bombs) from the car trunk before leaving. At the same time, General had located Gretchen & Self’s whereabouts too, and determined to get back Scylla at all cost.

Scofield secretly injected himself with added dosage, eventhough Sara prewarned him about the side effects.

Back to Rita’s house, an unexpected ‘Bible salesman’ came to the door, T-Bag suspected his authenticity, so he tied him to a chair and interrogated him. The Bible Salesman, Ralph denied himself working for the Company, and pleaded for his life in tears. For once, T-Bag actually having second thoughts about killing an innocent man!

Later, he decided to kill him, after Self told him to do so. Rita reminded T-Bag, Cole Pfeiffer would disappear forever if he pulls that trigger. T-Bag was in dilemma, later convinced by Ralph’s identity when he uttered the remaining verses from the bible which T-Bag started. T-Bag felt a sense of relief, and decided to ‘go free’ in spirit, and released both Rita and Emily.

Unfortunately, just we were about to cheer for T-Bag’s good deed, Ralph attacked him. Ralph was indeed working for the Company. Disappointed? Very!

At Fauntleroy Hotel, Sara managed to get Self’s room number and location. Sucre asked the hotel manager to inform Self about them looking for him, and Gretchen went out the room for investigation, and greeted by Sucre with a few punches on the face and stomach.

But you know Grechen, she got back on her feet again, and Sucre got bitten pretty badly, mostly because of his previous injury at the waist. And Sara had to pushed her down the stairs to save Sucre from been shot. Self ran with Scylla after Lincoln fired several aerosol bombs to the hotel room. Self tried to escape from the emergency stairways, but fell down after Scofield did some work on the ladder earlier. Scofield gave him a punch and took off with Scylla.

Grechen ran out of the the hotel, only to be greeted by General’s men. Neither of the bullets caught her, and she fled with one of the cars.

Scofield was escaping with Scylla, but suddenly he got blurred visions, serious nose-bleeds, and fainted. Self snatched back Scylla, and intended to kill Scofield. Luckily General’s man arrived, Gretchen came into the scene and drove off with Self.

As for Scofield, he had been brought to a medical centre, in Company HQ. Obviously there were a few medical experts there ready to examine him. And the from the X-Ray scan, the doctor made it clear it was a rare case, and the second time he had seen this serious condition. A shocking scene where General hold Michael’s hand while he was unconscious.

Sucre and Sara found the laptop in the hotel room, and rushed back to the warehouse for the chip. Unfortunately, Self and Gretchen got there before them and took the chip. Lucky for Self, he managed to talk himself out from getting a bullet from Gretchen, promising her Emily’s safety and the money.

Lincoln brought in the devastating news about Micheal been captured, and everyone was worrying sick and disappointed as the mission had failed. Lincoln told Alex not to come back anymore, as they could not retrieve back Scylla and Michael was captured by the Company. Alex then was taken away by Wheeler. Prison? again?

Self and Gretchen met Vikan, and Self killed Vikan after confirming the buyer was on his way. Evil, greedy Self!

Lincoln went to meet General. General offered him a chance to save Scofield’s life with an operation, as a condition, he needed to bring back Scylla. This got me into thinking, possible when their mother was having the same sickness, Lincoln’s dad was forced to work for the Company as well?

~ sneak peak for Episode 15~

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