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Monday, September 29, 2008

Summary: Prison Break - S4 Episode 5

Griffin Oren, Head of the Treasury Department was the next card holder.

Alex met with his wife to identify the killer of his son, Wyatt. His wife passed him a gun & demanded for revenge.

Sarah managed to escape from Wyatt's chase from the busy highway, close call. After telling the gang about this, Alex determined to hunt Wyatt down at all costs.

Agent Self managed to 'barge' into Griffin's office with an excuse, but only found out the card was in the highly secured safe. After studying the floor plan & the safe's structure, Michael got a plan, an almost impossible one, but hey, it's Prison Break !

Meanwhile, T-bag found out more clues from the bird book. Bellick & Sucre reached GATE corporation, almost tracked down T-bag. Lucky for him, the secretary didn't give him out, as she got bigger plan - 3% from what T-bag's getting, from now onwards.

Back to the card, the plan was to get it downloaded, from Griffin's neighbor, Middleton's office. The gang sneaked in the federal building with agent Self's assistance. From lift, to storeroom, from the ceiling to Middleton's office... you've got to watch this yourself. Where's Middleton? Agent Self insisted to buy him lunch, even claiming himself to be a vegetarian, anything to get him out of the office ! Michael was having nose bleed again; finally someone noticed it, Lincoln.

After asking the bartender to identify the car type, Alex managed to find Wyatt's lodging place. Before the hotel receptionist could inform Wyatt about Alex's enquiry for him, he managed to stop him & got hold of his cell phone number instead.

The General was in Griffin's office while Michael and Lincoln were trying to drill through the wall for the safe. The downloading seemed to work just fine, until General asked Griffin to show him the card ! Luckily Michael managed to get it done right before Griffin opens the safe (Of Course) ! General had a new order for all the card holders - “Carry the card at all times”. So, new challenge awaits the dream team.

T-bag confronted by the Asian guy about Scylla, with a gun. As for the secretary, she seemed to having second thoughts about whether or not to inform Bellick about T-bag.

Gretchen escaped, nailing a guy on the head. Ouch !

The guys finally got the IDs of all the card holders except the General with NO details whatsoever. Sara remembered hearing Gretchen mentioned about General during her captivity. Don Self probably would be in bigger mess next episode, after the General was told about Self asking for a clear scan of his image.

Sneak Peak for Episode 6:

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Summary: Prison Break - S4 Episode 4

Sarah & Micheal had a brief chat, about future, hope, together…

From the camera phone, the gang managed to track down the second card holder - Erol Tabak, a Turkish Consul from the car license plat. In order to copy the data card, they managed to get close to him but only found out later the card holder is actually his wife, Lisa Tabak. Burrows was seen by one of the bodyguards so they had to flee from the scene.

With private contractors (bodyguards) all around Lisa, the gang failed to get close to their new target. Burrow accidentally saw T-bag while he was preparing for his ‘meeting’ as the top-seller, Cole Pfeiffer. Michael & Borrow chased after him for the bird book. T-bag was smart enough to ditch it into the bushes before getting caught. To avoid been spotted by the security, Michael and Burrows had to flee while T-bag managed to escape, after getting back the bird book, again.

Sara was devastated after learning about Bennett’s death from Agent Self. Feeling guity and heart-broken, Sara threw the tantrum at herself. She went to a nearby bar at St. Pedro, drinking & spitted all her sadness to the lady bartender. While a guy sat next to her stole her credit card (by the name of Benett), and paid his bill, which ended up exposing Sara whereabouts to the African-american assailant, Wyatt.

T-bag, trying to ‘charm’ himself through the Gate corporation. Along his scamming, he got more hints from the bird book: notes from Mr. Xing with some numbers on it and the office no. 122B etc. Unfortunately, he won’t be getting the bonus cheque until Gregory White came back form his meeting in San Francisco. What a bummer for him!

In order to copy the data card Lisa is carrying, the gang managed to locate her next appearance at a memoir for an organization called Eagles & Angels, formed for all policemen. After stealing the uniforms and badges, Michael, Burrows & Mahone sneaked in as policemen to the momoir. Michael managed to put the downloader near Lisa to enable the downloading, unfortunately, Burrows had to flee as been spotted by one of the bodyguards earlier. Burrows ended up killing the bodyguard, with Bellick’s help. Lisa got the order from the General to catch the plane earlier, Michael managed to delayed her and completed the copying process after asking Burrow to expose the dead body for ID confirmation. Michel was having nose-bleed, again. With Agent Self’s help, Burrow’s manslaughter case had been treated as fail-tryouts to assassinate the consul by the Armenians. Meanwhile, Jasper, agent Self’s informant about the location of the break-in, murdered by the assailant before Self could get hold of the information.

Gretchen is still alive, and was still imprisoned.

In another hand, new characters afloat, the so-called Mr Xing is murdered by an unknown asian guy as he failed to get the Scylla from Whistler, who had failed to show up (of course).

Hiding the information from Lisa’s phone, the hacker kid claimed he didn’t locate anything else besides the data. Mahone asked the hacker’s help to locate the assailant of his son’s death. Meanwhile, Sara was followed by Wyatt, and he was getting closer to track them all down…

Want a little sneak peak for Episode 5?

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