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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prison Break - Season 4 Episode 13

Self was the scumbag who double-crossed the gang. He even faked his own death by calling Herb, his superior and threw everything on Lincoln and Scofield. T-Bag was forced to help him get Gretchen at all cause, not if he wanted to catch a bullet in his head.

Several Homeland Security agents went to the warehouse and found it vacant. Herb called Scofield and asking them to turn themselves in for killing Self and Miriam, otherwise he would hunt them down like animals.

General was devastated over Scylla, perhaps something else too? During the urgent meeting, his associate, Howard, unwisely made the situation worst by pushing General to the wall, and ended up got shot. Later, General and others were busying tracking Self and Gretchen with their high-tech satellites all across the country.

Scofield was seen hiding some sort of a chip up on the ceiling in the washroom (warehouse). Suddenly he got dizzy again, Lincoln came in and got worried. Scofield refused to go to the hospital yet, not until he got both Self and Scylla back.

Lisa was disapproved with General killing his trusted adviser, later resigned herself from the Company. General told her, “I’ve always wanted a son!”. Ooo.. now that’s gonna hurt!

Lincoln called Gretchen, who was as pointless about everything as them. They scheduled to meet at 1pm at Grand Hope Park. Right after Lincoln’s call, Gretchen got Self’s and he was threatening her to find him a new buyer, with her sister and daughter, Emily held as hostages.

At the Homeland Security office, Herb and Senator Dallow was discussing about the Scylla matter, when an agent from US Marshall Service came in and asked them how much they knew about Lincoln and Scofield etc. I don’t think Herb would be totally honest about the entire matter, not to the part that Senator Dallow and himself were also involved in the investigation.

Scofield went to the Grand Hope Park to meet Gretchen, unfortunately, Self got to Gretchen first, and learnt about Scofield’s whereabouts. So Homeland got a call from T-Bag, and Herb and the Federal agents were all over the Park. As a result, Lincoln was caught.

At the warehouse (obviously, they couldn’t bring him back to Homeland), Lincoln was able to talk some senses out of Herb about the possibility Self was getting Scylla for himself. After they did some check-ups, they found out Lincoln was telling the truth. Senator Dallow came to the warehouse and discussed with Lincoln about telling others to join in to testify against Self, in exchange for their freedom. Burrow called Michael about Senator’s offer, and Michael decided to go, while sending Sara and others to safety first.

Later Sara & Sucre went back for Scofield, while Alex took off for his other mission. Luckily they did, as later Herb and the Senator tried to save their own careers by making Scofield and others the scapegoats for the entire thing. Just they were about to arrest Lincoln and Scofield, the agent from US Marshall showed his true colors and shot Herb. Obviously, he was working with the Company. Why I wasn’t surprised at all?

Just as they were about to walk out the warehouse, Sucre got the gun hidden in the sofa, and took the agent by surprise. Lincoln shot the bad guy, and Senator made it clear that he was unable to do anything from there. Scofield let him leave, alive.

During the meeting with Vikan, which Gretchen referred to as a conduit for Scylla buyers, Self found out from that Scylla was not in a complete form. Aha! Scofield had the chip!! Now who’s the smart guy now??

~ sneak peak for Episode 14~

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