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Friday, December 19, 2008

Prison Break - Season 4 Episode 16

The unlikely team was formed to track down Scylla: Lincoln, T-Bag, Gretchen & evil Self. I wonder how long this team would last.

Sara, who had been brought to a hotel was worrying sick about Scofield. Lincoln assured her everything was under control, and asked her to inform him if she heard anything about Scofield.

Gretchen traced down the Scylla buyer, Scott’s cellphone number that led them to Grafton, a club. Lincoln went over and got the blonde lady, Tia, who supposed to lure out the girl Scott was contacting; in the end, Tia escaped, obviously, Tia was in fact the lady Lincoln was supposed to be looking for.

Using Tia’s ID card, Self & T-Bag went for some ransacking at her apartment but found nothing. Self was about to challenge Lincoln’s ‘leadership’ while Alex came into the scene, and saved the dispute.

Scofield awoke in a house, somewhere in the woods; under the surveillance of the Company of course. And General sent Dr. Roger Knowlton, a psychiatrist, not only to persuade him into joining the Scylla project, but also, the news of his mom still well and alive. Scofield was having a hard time believing it, yet doubted that Knowlton was telling him the truth, after he showed him the family album.

Sara went for General, demanded to see Michael but failed. Later in the hotel, Sara received a text message, asking her to be at Grand St in 1 hour. While she was there, she was abducted, later to find out it was Lisa. She gave Sara the address where Scofield was at, just to save another innocent man from been tortured.

Sara called Lincoln and told him would go look for Scofield. Lincoln adviced her not to, just yet. T-Bag eavesdropped and called General, who later urged Knowlton to speed up the negotiation process (well, more like a brain-wash process to me) and gave Scofield the injections instead. Luckily, Scofield was clever enough to use the chemical reactions that caught the bad guys off guard.

Scofield managed to escape, while been chased after by General’s guards. Just in the nick of time, Sara came to his rescue and slammed the guard’s vehicle, threw them off the road.

Meanwhile, Lincoln and his new gang’s second lead was at the marina. Thinking Scott was about to smuggle Scylla out undetected, the new team surrounded the marina, detected a suspicious man, caught him in the end, only to found out he was having joints instead of Scylla. False alarm.

Gretchen found Scott, and secretly arranged a meeting with him and cut the deal: 10mil to Gretchen if she would direct the Company and the gang to look elsewhere.

Gretchen brought the gang to a false address. Scott and his men held everyone at gunpoint, suddenly Gretchen changed her mind and shot Scott and his men. Gretchen was wounded by Scott’s gun shot. Lincoln nearly finished her off, with Self encouraging him to; while T-Bag and Alex advicing him not to. Lincoln let Gretchen lived.

Back at the hotel, Lincoln answered Scott’s cellphone, telling the caller ‘your boy’s dead, and I’m coming after you’. Not knowing the caller was actually his own mother.

Does this look like the FINAL to you? No no.. I don't think so either. It's season finale alright, but it's FAR from over. Should I be happy? Or ...

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