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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prison Break - Season 4 Episode 10

At the warehouse, everyone was mourning for Bellick’s death. Agent Self took care of the body, however the gang was not satisfied until Bellick’s body been returned to his mother in Chicago. In order to calm the gang down, Agent Self agreed to do something about the body. Later, Alex, Lincoln & Sucre went packing for Bellick’s belongings, and found Bellick still kept the police badge he took at the Police Benefit earlier, seemed Belllick really wanted to get in Police Academy, after failing 5 times during his try outs.

Gretchen gave Michael the remaining pages of the birdbook, and notified them about the Company moving the Scylla on the next day. While working on the pages, Michael & Alex came up with the name of David Baker, the person who drew the blueprint. And he’s the only person who could guide them to Scylla.

Gretchen finally made it clear with T-Bag about her plan. If Michael did find Scylla at the end, she (with or without T-Bag, I guess) would get it & sell it to Feng; if not, Michael and others would bear all the consequences themselves.

The General insisting on getting David Baker, the engineer who helped them worked on Scylla’s security back then, as they were running short on their timeline to move it. Now is the matter of who’s getting to David first.

While preparing for David Baker, Michael suddenly collapsed and Sara brought him to the hospital. Alex went to find David Baker for Michael. Michael ran some tests, and X-Ray scan. Later, they had to flee after seeing cops loitering around the hospital. The neurologist, told them, he wouldn’t turn them in as all he concerned about was Michale's health conditions. Michael insisted on leaving, and Sara asked the doctor to call them once he had the results.

Alex went alone for David Baker, firstly disguising himself as somebody from the company, but during the conversations, Alex blew up his cover. While trying to persuade David Baker to help him on getting the Scylla, General’s people got there as well. Unable to get anything from David, Alex had to run before been spotted. Luckily, David’s wife, Mrs Baker gave Alex a legend for the blueprint in time. A big help!

At GATE, the secretary passed T-Bag a file containing Gretchen's personal information obtained from her fingerprint. During the conversation, the secretary suddenly mentioned Whistler name, that caught T-Bag's attention, and alerted. He went for Mr. White and asked for the secretary’s personal files to check on her background. Meanwhile, Mr. White had a big task for T-Bag a.k.a Cole Pfeiffer to host an intro for some new franchises from Idaho. Now our Mr. T here got lots of studying to do.

Down in the basement, Sucre was telling Lincoln about how Bellick saved his life during the fire in Sona (the prison), Panama (aren’t we all curious about how that happened). T-Bag set the fire up and asked everybody to run for it, as “they can’t shoot us all!’ After that, they went through the pipe, and came to a big wall. Sucre accidentally step on a mine! Alright, silly as it seems, but later you’ll understand why a bomb was planted there.

Lincoln went upstairs and get Gretchen after failing to reach Michael. So, the pro identified, it was the – jz33 anti personnel blast mines. Sucre got panicked. Gretchen's suggestion was for Sucre to move an inch so she could reach & dismantle the firing pin of the mine. Sucre was too worried, so refused.

T-Bag learnt about Bellick’s death, and later, used the story he had with Bellick in Fox River, as the opening intro for GATE, shed a few tears and nailed it! Why I’m not surprised? Anyway, I’m not gonna judge how true was his tears. Moving along...

Back to the warehouse, Alex and Michael were working on the Legends to the blueprint. The mine was not only for security purposes, but also served as an alarm for the Scylla. The only way to dismantle it is by manual override only.

Unable to reach Lincoln underground, Alex went down to the GATE himself, to the basement, and stopped Gretchen right in time before she works on the pin. Alex went for the override and cut off the power, just enough time for Sucre to step off the mine, and…… nobody died! A big relief to all who were down there, and us, viewers too.

At Agent Self’s office, a shocker for this episode: the secretary was an undercover agent for Self. She told Self about her mistake of mentioning Whistler’s name, and although Self warned her about the danger of continuing the job, She insisted on helping to bring down the Company. So we have a heroine on board all these times! However, now we would probably need to worry for her safety, since T-Bag later found out she was working for Self, after he called the reference number on her personal files. Uh-oh…

Finally, Bellick’s body was prepared to be sent back to his mother. While handing over Bellick’s belongings to Self, they all gave him a final look. Alex put the police badge on Bellick’s chest. Sucre called Bellick’s mom as requested by Bellick earlier. Just like Michael said, Bellick didn't die in vain, they would get to Scylla!

Michael continued to work on the blueprint. Although no surveillance cameras around the area, there were weight & microphonic sensors planted, which would alert the Company security to the presence of any human that weighs more than 2 pounds. Obviously, they need to have a proper plan to get to Scylla without touching the floor.

Sara received the call from the neurologist, Michael had a hypothalamus hamaratoma, and it has been growing in his body, which caused him all the symptoms he had experienced earlier. The only way for him to stay alive, was to take the surgery asap (the next day) or else he would die.

What would be Michael’s decision?? How they could get to Scylla?? Find out, in next episode.

~Sneak Peak for Episode 11~

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Mae said...

A good sneak peak for the upcoming episode of prison break.

Ching Ya said...

Thanks Mae, yeah, the episodes are getting better and better. I can't help myself but hoping next week could come sooner!