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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prison Break - Season 4 Episode 9

The scene kicks off with Lincoln beating Wyatt. Alright, I know some of you already jumping up and down for joy as Wyatt had been captured. Now they are saving Wyatt from Mahone, so he would call and lie to General Krantz that he had taken them all out (a.k.a killed them all). Obviously for a personality like Wyatt’s, beating him up is no way to get the job done. And they needed to figure something out fast, as “Mahone.. ain’t gonna wait.”.

General demanded for Scylla to be moved from L.A immediately. However, according to Lisa, the moving would only be completed in 3 days as the data on Scylla is too delicate. General insisted on the transfer, while anxiously looking for Wyatt, who is no where to be found. For precautions, General ordered to have the press release about Scofield and others be given out to the media.

Back at the warehouse, Agent Self came up with a plan to make Wyatt talk. Yes, that’s right, merely nice conversations will do. Sara went in to talk to Wyatt, leaving Scofield worrying outside, while preparing for their next digging plan in GATE. Based on the map, they needed to get through a serious impediment before reaching the Company’s HQ from GATE’s basement. The thing is, they only got to find out what is it once they are in. So they brought whatever tools they could lay their hands on, and went for it.

At the GATE, T-bag greeted them, and watched them going down the basement. Mr White, the GATE superior came asking T-bag about Andrew’s disappearance, leaving his fiancĂ©e and also a resignation letter behind. Later he called a detective to do the interrogation with the staffs, and T-bag was using his manipulative talks as always to keep himself out of trouble.

In the mean time, Scofield, Lincoln, Sucre and Bellick, going through the basement hallway, through the boiler room and some elevated walkways before they finally reached the dead end. Now they knew what lies between them and the COMPANY headquarters – one of the main conduit pipes for the L.A. water supply! And it’s huge! At first Scofield suggested they dig beside the pipe, since they could not go around or over it. Unfortunately, the digging didn’t bring them anywhere as there’s nothing beneath the cement but granite. Since they didn’t have the time and the appropriate tools, Scofield decided to go THROUGH the pipe.

Sara was still making conversations with Wyatt. Alex nearly ran out of patience before agent Self stopped him, telling him about his experience of losing both of his wife and the baby that never been delivered. And promised when the time is right, he would not stand in his way. Alex backed down.

Sara was listening, when Wyatt offered her some ways to get everything settled for her and Scofield. After Wyatt spitted out the word ‘… and this will all be over.’ Sara got up and told Wyatt ‘it IS over’. After that, Self was seen busy with his laptop, using some sort of software to modify Wyatt’s voice, and made a ‘They’re all dead, it’s over’ that sounded exactly like Wyatt’s voice.

So that is it for Wyatt, ‘cause he is all Alex’s now. By using the supplies from the ambulance: a needle, heart monitor & battery, he tortured Wyatt. Well, not gonna go through the details, but Wyatt eventually gave in, and agreed to call Alex’s wife and apologized, before Alex took the phone over and told his wife “It’s over”, and finished Wyatt off.

Agent Self faked the phone call to General, which made the General called off the press release for the gang.

Suddenly, Gretchen came in, gun-pointed at General. General told everyone to leave them alone in the room. Unbelievable, seemed like Gretchen and General had an item, and Emily was actually General’s daughter. General explained to Gretchen about his actions of putting her in the rough situation before, and how he wished her to stay and be there when he succeeded his plan. Lisa was not happy about it. As for the Scylla, it would be moved from L.A. by tomorrow.

The slick T-bag asked the secretary to get into the GATE’s data files and did some modification on the sales report, making Andrew the one to blamed on behalf of Cole (T-bag himself).instead. To prevent being interrogated by the IRS auditors, Mr. White decided to listen to T-bag’s suggestions and put a stop to the investigation of Andrew’s disappearance.

Back to the digging plan. Scofield asked Lincoln and Bellick to heat up the manual override near the main conduit to cut off the water supply temporarily to enable them digging through the pipe, and they only had 1 hour to complete the job or else they would never get to Scylla.

With Sucre alone in the basement, Scofield suddenly felt great deal of pain and fell to the ground. Sucre freaked out, but later admitted that he overheard some of Sara & Lincoln’s conversation about him not feeling well. Scofield requested Sucre to help him continue the job. They successfully cut the holes eventually.

Now, the difficult part was, they needed to slide the pipe through the hole made on the main conduit pipe. Lincoln and Bellick volunteered to go in the main pipe, with only 10 minutes to spare before the pipe would be flooded with 30,000 gallons of water again.

During the process, the stick that braced the pipe snapped suddenly. So little time and their plans were falling apart! The water would come in any seconds now. Suddenly Brad jumped in, tried all his might to lift the heavy pipe! While Lincoln shouting and pleaded him not to do this, But Bellick insisted Scofield and Sucre to push the pipe through, trapping him inside, with the rushing waters… It’s an ‘Armageddon’ heroic act and brought tears to viewers eyes.

Something to Remember Bellick by in this episodes:

While digging…
Bellick to Sucre: C’mon pal, I got almost a decade on you, and you don’t see me sucking air.

Sucre: I got shot, Brad.

Bellick: Oh yeah.

Walking themselves through the basement…
Bellick: Did you see the way Mahone was looking at Wyatt?

Linc: They guy is hurting.

Bellick: It was more than just hurting, that’s pain. I never cared about anything like that. I look at what I’ve done with my life, beating on cons at Fox River, chasing money, trying to keep my own ass out of prison.

When trying to find the manual override….
Bellick: So how are you holding up, you know, not being with LJ and all?

Linc: Good, he’s a smart kid. He can look after himself.

Bellick: I can see it, how much you love him. My dad died when I was a little kid. But he was a good father.

Then, in the basement, while trying to push the pipe through and the brace snapped…with the sound of flooding water from afar…
Bellick: But then we’ll never get Scylla

LInc: We don’t have a choice.

Bellick: You don’t, I do! (jumping into the main pipe)

Linc: What the hell are you doing? Brad, don’t do t his! Brad!..... The water is coming!! C’mon man, there’s still enough room for you to get through the hole!

Bellick: I let go of this you could drop it! It’s too heavy!

Scofield (at the other end): Brad, drop the sleeve….. and GET OUT OF THERE!!

Linc: Don’t do this. Don’t do this!!

Bellick: (catching his breath) You have a son!... Push it! Push it Scofield !!

Linc: Brad, NO!!!! Brad..!! (the hole closed, water runs through the pipe..dead silence)

~Sneak Peak for Episode 10~

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No1Fan of Prison Break said...

What a great episode it is! SO sad to see Bellick go though.. Hope Sucre is alright.. I'm worried...

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe Brad would do that. Got me teary eyes. Hopefully the writers will not kill anymore characters.

Ching Ya said...

Yeah... I feel the same way too.