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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prison Break - Season 4 Episode 11

Sucre and Alex were drilling through the walls, in order to insert a camera through it for inspection and monitoring purposes, using the laptop.

Gretchen was determined to get the 6th card from the General, by sending him her sexy picture, dressing up as a schoolgirl. General went for it, unfortunately, did not bring the card with him. General spotted Gretchen lying to him, and threatened to kill her on the spot. However, he changed his mind and let her go instead, after Gretchen told him “I’m the mother of your child” & the magic word “I Love You”. So, no 6th card for Michael!

Michael was having second thoughts about his surgery, as he was unwilling to leave the gang all by themselves on the critical mission. Sarah & Lincoln tried to convince him to go for his surgery at 3pm or else, he might not get the chance to be treated without alerting the authorities (police).

Sarah was explaining to Michael the process of his surgery, when they were interrupted by Self, bringing in more tools they needed for the Scylla mission. Self mentioned about Michael’s father approaching him earlier about the whole Scylla incident, and ‘today IS the day to bring the Company down’. Now Michael was worrying even more.

Alex and Sucre came back from GATE. Now they needed to figure out how to get Scylla in 4 hours, before Michael leave for the hospital. Their obstacles were:
- to bring down 2 walls in complete silence (1 concrete, 1 glass),
- to avoid triggering the alarm by microphone sensors, weight sensors and thermal detectors.

Mission Impossible! But they would work something out. And, Michael was having blurred visions again.

Mr White rewarded T-bag for his brilliant job on impressing the Idaho group the other day, and earned some big bucks for GATE. For Scylla’s sake, he had to turn down the annual cruising experience, which normally no one would refuse from their boss. Mr. White didn't see that coming at all.

Agent Self passed an envelope containing ‘useful information’ to Michael, from Gretchen. Something that would be helpful to crack Scylla, without the 6th card? No idea.

Before leaving for the mission, Alex shared a story with Michael, which then helped him to finally make up his mind: He would join the gang for the mission, and take surgery afterwards. While passing the envelope (from Gretchen) to Sara, Michael told her, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself, if the gang failed and got killed, leaving him the only guy surviving, just because he called in, sick.

Outside GATE building, before the gang went in, Sucre prayed and Sara gave Michael a shot so he wouldn’t have seizure while their mission was ongoing. The gang went in, down the basement, and started the ‘silent’ mission. Sara, armed, sitting on a bench, outside, waiting.

T-bag and Gretchen, made a trap for Trishanne (the secretary) and Self, causing them to be captured and tied up, with the help of Fang and his people. T-Bag and Gretchen were now waiting upstairs for the gang to come up with Scylla. They would give them chance to surrender, but if they needed to fight for it, T-Bag told Gretchen, she could have all others as she pleased, but leave Michael to him!

Back in the basement, everybody worked in silence.

They broke the concrete wall using electromagnetic field, which was generated using the car batteries.

Umbrellas to prevent falling concretes to hit the ground, triggering the sensors.

Using a ladder to build a bridge across the room, all the way to Scylla, without touching the ground. Liquid nitrogen was used occasionally to regulate the heat from their body temperature, avoiding the heat sensor.to go off.

Sucre saved the nitrogen tank from falling onto the ground, but left him hanging on the bridge. Lincoln had to pull him up! Luckily the bridge didn’t snap!

It was Michaels turn to be on the bridge. Although he had blurred visions and intense headache at first, fortunately, he made it to the glass wall, cut it, and standing right in front of Scylla.

As soon as he moved it, the sensor beneath Scylla was triggered! General saw Michael from the only surveillance camera in the room, immediately ordered some men to go down with him... uh-oh! Desperate to know what happen next? Episode 12 is on the way...

~At the mean time, enjoy Episode 12's sneakpeak ~

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