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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Prison Break - Season 4 Episode 12

In the previous episode, the scene ended with General Krantz took the lift down to Scylla with his armed guards. As the lift door opened, General was standing face to face with Michael. The guards came out with guns pointed directly at him, but to their surprise, the intruders had guns right at their back, force them to surrender instead.

While General handed over his 6th card, and sarcastically telling Michael he was few cards short, Michael presented him all the copied ones and General went speechless. Sucre said ‘Suck it, General’ and the expression on General’s face was one of the memorable moments!

If you are wondering how was Self and the Miriam (the real name of the undercover agent, or best known as the sexy, pretty secretary in previous episodes) they both got off fine, and finished off Fang and his men.

Gretchen and T-bag were waiting at GATE anxiously for Michael and others to resurface, with some heavy weaponry under the desk. Unexpectedly, Mr.White came in to talk to Cole (T-Bag), and accidentally saw it. Gretchen went nuts and held her gun in public, stopping White from calling the police and took some GATE staffs as hostages. A very unwise move for a military-trained Gretchen for making such a big scene, a little farfetched, don’t you think? Oh well…

Michael used the 6th card and the rest, which performed as a key to obtain Scylla, which shaped like an external hard drive. With General as their hostage, they made it to the General’s office. The guards locked down the entire building, covered all the exits, armed and waited for their force entry upon General’s signal from inside.

Michael seemed to be waiting for a confirmation call from Sara. General was trying to talk Michael and the gang out with his manipulative words, promising freedom, wealth, whatever they desired. Upon mentioning Michael and Lincoln’s parents, Lincoln got heat up, and Alex had to stop him from doing anything to the General. Michael told Krantz, the only thing they want, was to see the Company burn to the ground, and General in prison.

Self was waiting for Michael’s good news at the office. His superior, Herb asked about the progress, Self reassured him they would make it to the finish line soon.

Lisa Tabak was at the luncheon, a careless waiter accidentally dropped the food on her. Frustratingly, she left for the ladies room to clean her skirt, but hey, look who had come to join her!

General was still pretty confidence and fearless about the whole thing, even attempting to walk out the office, as he knew, he was their only chance of getting out of here alive. Or is it? Just then, Michael received a phone call from Sara. He set the phone to speaker mode, and let the General listened to Lisa’s voice at the other end. Honestly, I didn’t even think General would care THAT much about Lisa over Scylla, until she said, “Dad, please, do what they want”. What a perfect leverage! Possible, that was the information that Gretchen asked Self to pass to Michael in a yellow envelope in previous episode. So, the expression on the General, again, priceless! He had no choice but to walk them out. Before they took off, General told Lincoln his father worked as an executioner for the Company, and now his trained men would come after them. The gang left with Company’s armored truck.

Miriam went back to GATE, saw Gretchen and T-bag confined themselves with the hostages. She sneaked in, successfully untied everyone without been noticed, but White was too eager to save his own life until he messed up the whole thing. Gretchen opened fire and shot him dead. Both her and T-Bag escaped from the office.

Gretchen wiped off her fingerprints and threw the gun away, ordered T-Bag to do the same with his MP-5. As he did so, she gun-pointed him, just about to pull the trigger when Miriam came into the scene. Gretchen ran off, leaving T-Bag captured and handcuffed by Miriam.

For his own daughter’s safety, General Krantz had no choice but to compromise and walk them out. Before they took off, General told Lincoln his father worked as an executioner for the Company, and now his trained men would come after them. The gang left with Company’s armored truck.

Sara tied Lisa up, and escaped after Michael and the others reached outside safely. However, she did not forget to ‘tip’ the waiter who did the ‘plate-falloff’ scene deliberately.

Now is time to escape from been trailed. Michael called Self and informed him they got Scylla. As soon as they reached the airport, they broke into 2 groups with Michael and Lincoln entering the airport while Sucre and Alex headed to somewhere else.

The guard followed the Scylla-holder group. General ordered to cancel all the flights that day until they were captured. Michael texted Alex ‘Now’, and Alex made a phone call to the authorities, stating there was someone at the airport with things that ‘you guys definitely want to check out!’

The guards caught up with Michael and Lincoln, demanded for Scylla or else, got shot. Reluctantly, Michael passed the bag over to the guard. Just at that nick of time, a troop came in and ordered the beg be checked. Michael and Lincoln ran off, leaving the angry guard and a Scylla-less beg and a book by Shakespeare ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’. The Scylla was with Sucre all along.

In General’s office, he looked depressed. While the guards waited for his next order, the General just replied, ‘I don’t know’. Another priceless expression on his face! I bet General never expected that much surprises coming his way in one day!

Self met with the victorious gang, and gave them the release papers, even promised an ambulance for Michael. Everyone waited with anticipation, and relieved that everything was over. But after a long wait, no signs of any vehicles or ambulance as Self promised. Michael called Self, but unable to reach him. And the release papers, they were all blanks!! Oh Nooooo…

Self met up with Miriam, showed her the Scylla. T-Bag was still cuffed in her car. Self mentioned he wouldn’t be going to Senator Dallow for the moment. Hmm.. something fishy was going on, for sure. Then he asked Miriam about whether she overheard Gretchen mentioning about other buyers besides Fang. Miriam told him no, but T-Bag might know something. Then, Self did something unexpected, he shot Miriam! The scene ended with the shocked T-Bag and a traitor, Self.

~ Sneak Peak For Episode 13~

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