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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summary: Prison Break - S4 Episode 7

Gretchen tortured T-bag, for information about Scylla. But ended up working together with him to retrieve information from Michael instead, of course, not in a polite way.

As for our dream team, their 5th card holder, Scuderi chartered a plane and flew for Vegas. Since the secretary from GATE called Bellick about T-bag’s whereabouts, Michael decided to stay with Alex & Bellick, while Roland, Sucre, Sara & Lincoln went for Vegas.

Agent Self was worried about Wyatt coming after him, and asked experienced-Alex’s advice about how he should do about it. Alex told him to 'stop running', 'get aggressive and get back at them', like how Michael did when he was trying to track him down, back in the old days.

Michael and others went for the secretary when she demanded for more money. Unfortunately, it was a set-up! So everyone ended up been tied up, luckily Alex managed to escape while T-bag wasted some bullets at him ! Alex went to Self, informed him about Michael's captivity, and borrowed the tracking device to locate them.

Meanwhile, back in the apartment, T-bag threatened Michael to sort things out from the bird book, especially the map, while Gretchen hiding somewhere, monitoring. Michael finally came out with a blueprint for GATE Corporation The intention of decoding Scylla is very close at hand now! T-bag thought the reason Michael was aftering Scylla is for the money! And Michael played along so T-bag would bring him into GATE. With the detector, Alex came for Michael and others, and found nobody but the ankle-monitor & a paper crane left by Michael, written 'GATE'.

Gretchen kidnapped Andrew from GATE and killed him in front of Bellick & the secretary.

Wyatt came for Agent Self at his house, but Self went for the General instead, and confronted him -- If anything should happen to him, he would bring the attention to the public, with enough information that he collected. Seems like Self is safe for the time being.

Back in Vegas, Lincoln told Sara about Michael's nose-bleed, and how their mom died from tumor at age 31 years old. With Michael's condition very similar to his mom, Lincoln & Sara worried that Michael who just turned 31 this year, might encounter the same fate.

In order to get close to Scuderi, Sara put on a sexy outfit, hoping for a passage to Scuderi's room. Unexpectedly, he was far from interested ! Taken from the bartender’s word, Scuderi seemed to have a 'different likings' of his own! The team had no choice but to put Sucre on the table. Poor Sucre! Unwillingly, but still charmed himself all the way, until Scuderi finally asked him to come up to his suite to talk about 'private business' between men. Getting nervous eh? While the card was downloading fine in the room, things started to take a turn when Scuderi explained to Sucre how he was unable to perform husbandly duty for his wife, and wish Sucre to do it for him, plus another $1,000 worth of gambling chips ! Oh My Gawdd…! Anyway, the gang was all set to go home, yet Roland insisted on trying some luck at the Casino. His winnings caught attention from the manager, who not only gave him warnings, but snatched away the downloading device as well !! Bummer!

Back to T-bag & Michael, they went for Scylla in GATE, and found a basement, from the office. Michael tricked T-bag and locked him up, when Alex came for his rescue. Self arrived too, and while the guys were confident about getting Scylla soon, Gretchen called, and presented them some lost information in finding the Scylla, with the condition to release T-bag. AGAIN??!!

Overall, I would give an 8/10 for this episode! Enjoyable to watch, not loosing its suspense as well. Just the Vegas trip is a bit too short for them. I hope everyone was there.

A little sneak peak for episode 8:

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