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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Summary: Prison Break - S4 Episode 6

The scene started off at the racetrack, with Bellick distracted the guards with his little 'scene' at the counter, gave Lincoln enough time to place a controller at the gate, causing a huge set back to the horse that Mr Edison (4th card holder) was bet on. He was pissed and demanded explanation from the operations manager at the office, where the downloading device was placed, under the table. After it reached 100%, Alex went back to retrieve the device. Unfortunately, he got arrested later for barging in the restricted area. Now, the gang was in conflict whether or not to break him out of jail.

The General did some background-check on Self. Later, he sent Wyatt to give Self a little 'friendly' advice about staying out of his privacy.

At Riverside, California, Gretchen went for her sister. After freshened up, she got herself a weapon, perhaps pay back time for the Company instead? Here, we found out that Gretchen has a daughter, Emily, whom she gave custody to her sister.

After Wyatt spotted Alex at the police station, Alex thought he would be doomed, so he called Michael, asking him to finish off Wyatt for him and Pam. This caused Michael to reconsider about postponing their plan for Scuderi, the 5th card holder. Why? Because the gang was going to help Alex break out of court (not jail, thank God), after all. Alright !

While trying to find more clues from the bird book, T-bag faced more troubles after Andy found out more inconsistencies in his sales report, causing T-bag to flee from the GATE for good. His nightmare was far from over, as Gretchen caught up to him, so two evil-doers going to have some chat, in a hard way.

This episode was less focusing on the card than the previous ones, obviously. Instead, it showed more 'humanity' on the characters: Gretchen's 'human' side when at her sister's; and the team's risky attempt to rescue Alex, whom they once disgusted, from Wyatt at the court house (although they could choose not to). Perhaps there are messages in between? Anyway, that's for the viewers to ponder.

How about some sneak peak for Episode 7:

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