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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Summary: Prison Break - S4 Episode 8

The scene started off with a flashback : in Chicago, year 2001. Lincoln and his friend were on a Hit-Steal-Run mission. Lincoln smashed into their target's car, snatched the suitcase from the target, and they flee from the scene with another car.

Back to present, Lincoln explained the idea to the gang. Although Roland described it as Kamikaze, and Sucre was worrying about the 'crashing', yet Lincoln stressed that it is the only way to get the General's data card, the final card!

Gretchen, Michael and Self had a meeting at the church. Gretchen wanted to hop on board to bring down the company, at the same time getting some traveling money. With Gretchen & T-bag owning the last few pages of Whistler's birdbook, Michael was forced to put down their differences temporary, until everything is over.

Back at the warehouse, everybody was furious at Roland for losing the card, and Michael gave him his 'early retirement' and sent him to his room...oh... I mean upstairs.

Sara & Michael had a conversation about the nosebleeds. Michael insisted that he's fine. And told Sara about Gretchen's 'well-being' and the idea of her joining the team to bring down the company. Sara was stunned, but agreed reluctantly. While she was alone, she had some flashbacks of Gretchen whipping her during her time of confinement in Panama.

Roland, who was all alone upstairs, using his talent to make sure his text message to Wyatt was untraceable. Been isolated by the team for his mistakes, he decided to flash his last card ---to sell off Michael and Lincoln to the General. Bad idea!

T-bag was released from the basement. The Chinese guy, Feng, who came for Scylla threatened to kill T-bag. Gretchen made a deal with Feng, a total of 125 million dollars for the Scylla. So, lucky T-bag, apart being spared, he was drooling over the big bucks!

Meanwhile, the team was busy preparing for the perfect mission, but Self was still doubtful for the plan to work. After the explanation, we know that basically, the plan is to smash the General's limo, pump him full of morphine (so he wouldn't have any ideas what happened to him after waking up next morning on the hospital bed, as Sara put it), download the card onto the laptop, put it back, then flee from the scene. In order to fake as paramedics to avoid suspicions, Self had to make himself useful by getting them one ambulance from the Federal Impound Lot, which coincidently had 4 ambulances seized for drug-smugling. Coincidence?

General and the card holders were in a meeting. The flooding of counterfeit notes (money) to the Laotian market was actually a trial, before they would launch the real operation on the US market! Wyatt interrupted the meeting and informed General about the untraceable message by Roland.

Self went to the Federal Impound Lot office, and bought time for Michael and Lincoln to steal the ambulance at the parking lot. The conversation about nosebleeds came up and the brothers had a little disagreement, but obviously Lincoln was worrying over Michael's health.

Right before Sara left for the mission, Roland told her he was sorry, although he claimed he apologized for Vegas, but obviously not. General ordered Wyatt to bait the hook for Roland. He took it for 1 million dollar, and informed Wyatt the brothers were at King Willow, where the plan took place. The General was informed that the gang was nearby, thus, the plan failed before it could be commenced. Wyatt came straight at Lincoln and Sucre who were in the car, and there goes the bullet rain. Luckily the duos managed to escape from the scene but Sucre got shot at his waist. At the warehouse, Sara gave Sucre the on-spot operation.

Michael suddenly realized the only possible traitor-to-be is Roland. He gave Roland back his laptop and asked him to work on some tasks. Roland escaped with it and met with Wyatt for the so-called 'legit business transaction'. Wyatt shot him at both of the kneecaps, demanding for the gang's hideout.

After getting what he needs, he gave Roland a fatal shot. Now the best scene of the night -- Alex appeared from behind and beat-up Wyatt like crazy! Yes, Michael actually planted a tracing chip in Roland's laptop, and Wyatt was captured!! Everyone left Roland to die by himself, as he sold them out and nearly cost Sucre his life, but Michael decided to stay with him until he gave out his last breath.

T-bag wanted to get his cut from Gretchen's 125 millions. Gretchen sneered and told him he needs to earn his pay, and she mentioned about getting rid of Michael and the gang, also, another surprising remark that “Scylla is not just the Company little black book” ! T-bag and the secretary were officially allies behind Gretchen's back, and they were secretly copying Gretchen's finger prints, in case she disappeared on the Big Pay day!

Gretchen asked Self to inform Sarah, she will meet her at the Safari motel, to clear off the debts, once and for all. Sara declined it, but in the end, went anyway. Sara's flashbacks depicted there was a lady trying to help her escape by passing her a key for her lockup. As a result, the lady got shot at the head by Gretchen. So now we know Sara's hatred for Gretchen was actually because of this poor lady. At the motel, Gretchen tried to even out with Sara by letting her do the whipping for 5 minutes. Sara refused, instead, she had a knife at Gretchen's neck, demanding the name of the lady who died for her sake, Michelle Taylor. Right before Sara left, she told Gretchen she will pay for what she did to Michelle.

General was nervous about Michael's attempt on getting the card. He ordered to have Scylla moved immediately! Now, I bet everyone is eager to know what on earth is this Scylla thingy??

So it's a long summary, because I think it's necessary to give out all the details since it's a brilliant episode. Apart being ecstatic that Wyatt was captured, I felt sorry for Roland's death. The guy obviously made a wrong choice out of desperation and cost him his life. Also, this episode also gave us fresh ideas about what exactly is Scylla? So, it is not just the company's little black book, it's more than that. Something that requires “days of security arrangements if it is to be moved”, as mentioned by Lisa Tabak to the General. Time to put on your thinking cap or wait for next episode!

A little sneak peak for episode 9:

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Anonymous said...

tbh, Gretchen turns me on when she take off her cloth irregardless of who is she.

movie fan said...

Wow!!! I enjoyed after reading the summary. It's so detail and I can't wait to watch it now. Thanks for the writing.

Ching Ya said...

haha.. yeah, anonymous, what can I say, it's Gretchen!

Thanks movie fan for your support. Thank you for becoming my first follower. I'll do as much as I can to give you the latest updates of the show. Stay tune!

Anonymous said...

I guess many young lady, woman will fall in love with Michael as he's such a nice guy with sympathy heart while he's holding Roland's hand to show his last respect to Roland...

Anonymous said...

Hi ching ya. thank for visiting my blog. i am fan of prison break too. Very nice summuary.

Ching Ya said...

True. Michael did the right thing, and made an example out of it. It's the best and only thing he could do for Roland at that very last moment.

Mae said...

Nicely written, indeed it relates to some things I mention in my suffering post.

Ching Ya said...
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Ching Ya said...

Thanks Movie Alley, your welcome. And do drop by anytime for a visit.

Thanks Mae, you did a fantastic job with your blog there with those encouraging words. Thanks for visiting my main blog (It's My Life~It's Now Or Never), and I'm glad you feel the same way about the movie. May we all have more faith in life.