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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

EXTRA: Affiliate Marketing Challenge 5 ~ by Tyler Cruz

Tyler Cruz had launched another Affiliate Program, something for those who's interested in making some big bucks while getting him/herself some attractive prizes. Check it out!

There is over $11,000 worth of prizes up for grabs ($11,120 to be exact). Whether you’re a super affiliate, medium affiliate, or brand new to affiliate marketing, they have prizes aimed just for your skill level. Even bloggers who post about this contest will have chances to earn some pocket money as well. So everybody is eligible to win a prize ! Attractive? Well, read on.

The competition runs from November 1st (12:00AM Eastern time) to November 30th (11:59PM Eastern time). However, the earlier you register, the more time you have to start making some dough and the better your chances, so the sooner the better!

So how does it work? Publishers register to
MarketLeverage under Tyler's referral link and then proceed to make as much money as they can until competition ends on November 30th. There are also some additional prizes that can be won by simply blogging about this competition.

How to Participate
There are two different ways to participate in the competition. You may choose either method, or do both. However, the best prizes are only available in the “Earn the Most” methods:

1. Earn The Most (Main Prizes):

Compete with others to earn the most (or top 5) in commissions from Market Leverage.

a) Sign up to MarketLeverage through his referral link by clicking here. It is very important that you register under Tyler's referral link or you will not be eligible. If you’ve already registered to ML previously, then you are unfortunately not eligible to participate as he will not be able to track your generated revenue.

b) Approve your account by phoning ML or having them phone you.

c) Earn as much as you can!

At the end of the challenge, if you generated one of the top-5 amounts in commissions, you win one of the corresponding prizes!

2. Earn the Most: New Signups:
If you signed up to MarketLeverage through Tyler just for this competition, you are eligible for the New Signups prize category as well. As long as you finish amongst the top 3 revenue earners for new signups, you win a prize.

If you are a new signup, you are eligible to win prizes from both the New Signups category and the Main or VIP categories if applicable!

3. Earn the Most: VIP Category:
If you’re a super affiliate who can generate big numbers, then you are eligible for the luxurious VIP prizes. You will need to generate at least $50,000 a month in order to be eligible.

There are three tiers. If you generate enough to hit a certain tier and finish as the highest in your tier, you win the corresponding prize for that tier.

The tiers are as follows:

Note: Once you generate over $50,000 you are only eligible for the VIP prizes and not the main prizes. Therefore, you cannot win a prize in both the Main Category and VIP Category.

4. Write a Blog Post:

Simply write a blog post telling others about this competition on your blog. It’s as simple as it sounds.

a. Write a blog post (an entire post, not a small mention in another post) about this competition, being sure to link back to it.

b.Contact Tyler with the URL of the actual post, being sure to provide your e-mail address. Must contact him through the contact form, not through his post comments.

c. You must e-mail Tyler your published post by November 23rd or it will not be accepted.

A drawing will be taken at the end of the contest, and 5 random winners will each receive a $20 Prepaid MarketLeverage Rewards Card.

Let's Check Out The Prizes shall we?

VIP Prizes
$100,000+ Tier: Alienware Area-51 ALX Computer Package

$75,000-$99,999 Tier: LG - Scarlet 52″ 1080p LCD HDTV

$50,000-$74,999 Tier: Sony HD Home Theater Projector

Main Prizes
1st Place: Playstation 3 & Rock Band Special Edition

2nd Place: Dell 24-inch Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD HD Monitor

3rd Place: 16GB iPod Touch

4th Place: Flip Mino Video Camera

5th Place: $150 Prepaid ML Rewards Card

New Signup Prizes
1st Place: 8GB iPod Touch

2nd Place: 8GB iPod Nano

3rd Place: $50 Prepaid ML Rewards Card

Blogging Prizes
5 bloggers who post about this competition will be chosen randomly by drawing and will each receive a $20 Prepaid
MarketLeverage Rewards Card.

For more Information regarding the competition & prizes, kindly check out Tyler's website here ! Good luck to you all !


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